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Create The Best New Smart Home Comfort and Convenience, Energy Efficiency, Safety and Security, Flexibility and Customization ,Home Management Insights.


Once your smart appliances are connected, you can control them via an app on your smartphone or through voice commands.


A smart living room is just like that! With a handy app, voice control or click of a remote, your blinds close, lights dim and heating turns on without you having to move an inch

Three Ways to Control Your Home


Your Security is our Business....

Life is one click away from being better....

Everything is under control at a moment’s notice, no matter where you are

How we works

Kulathunga SMART Home about us


About Arrival of our Specialists

Our clients do not want buggy and unstable products installed in their homes; so make sure to identify where you can buy some stylish, reliable, and dependable smart home devices.


Development of a Smart System

You can easily make regular appliances and devices in your home smart. Just insert your plug into a wall socket and choose one of your appliances to plug in. You’ll then be able to control and manage the appliance from anywhere through a connected smart device, which can lead to increased energy savings and greater peace of mind.


The costs of setting up your smart home

The costs of setting up your smart home will vary based on a number of factors. For example, the size of your home, the amount of people in it and the number of related devices you purchase all have an impact on the cost of building your smart home. Additionally, your energy consumption habits will help determine your smart home costs over the long term.


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Welcome to the exciting world of Home Automation! Discover easy-to-use, affordable products to make your everyday life safer, more convenient and more fun.

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Smart home technology -- also often referred to as home automation or domotics from the Latin word domus, meaning home -- provides homeowners security,

Home Security Systems


​Control any powered device even before you get home, you can turn on the lights, set the temperature, get the music going or automatically it is all done for you at scheduled times or triggered by other events.   

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